Critical Thinking & Visualizing ldeas

Ways of seeing

We debate on ideas of the ways we see the world. There are so many possibilities in the way people think upon the ways we see. Using photography to show the way we see things is need nearly impossible this is because photography can be used to make something look different or trick the mind. 


John Berger Quote - Way Of Seeing 

"Seeing comes before words. "

This means we see the word before we start to uses are words to explain how beautiful something maybe. We see everything before we comment on a situation. 

For example the famous "pale blue dot "

This is one of the most famous photographs ever the picture on our world (the earth). This makes us really think upon how we see? We are so small and yet. So many questions we can ask from Just this one photo. How? Why? When? What? There are no real answer but the one we all can say is its a miracle.

Pulled apart - Photo 

This is a photograph of a sea side beach. We can see the stoney bench with the cliff face. With the water crashing onto the shore. The first thing you see when you look into this picture is how nice it looks.The beautiful beachside with the sea. The we notice some sort of fossil/Rock On the bottom.But when you really look closely, you can see that it's not just a rock. It looks like an ear and when looking into the image and the history of the image. Our mind is tricking you or not on what see, before you speak. 


The myths within our society?

There a many ways of viewing this but I think one place/ location really holds the idea of myths into the so called perfect life. Is held with a place that doesn't really exist! This is social media the world that we have easy access to seeing other people living the perfect life. Yet we know that the perfect world doesn't exist.

We can really go into detail of what people are doing, but is the perfect coffee actually really that good, looks can make us think wow that must be nice. But we don't know really. Our a society seems to sit in the world of social and media. The real moments and the moments we share on our own little worlds on social media. 


"The Perfect Moments Aren't Always Ture"

Studium & The Punctum

Studium is pretty much what draws the viewer to a photograph. Why? What? These are the questions the viewer will ask them self's when looking into a photograph. The idea of what power a photograph holds maybe some people my look for a few seconds without a throught then you'll get the that person who stops and thinks to viewer the meaning behind the photograph. 

Personal Input

" For me looking into this picture? I see not just a tree but it's more of the photographer who took this photo. The amount of time and effort that went into the planning of constructing the shot. Looking for the right location, lining up the shot and waiting for nature to be set in a way to capture this moment in time.

I know for a fact that people will go past this photos say while and walk off. But for I look into the hours and days that went into creating the image."


Punctum is a when a photograph really grabs you a hits you very hard. The photograph that really pulls the deep personal emotion reaction. Causing the viewer to really stop. And really think about the photograph. These photos will make you look into details of what's within the frame and make you think a meanings behind each item or person.

Marc Riboud- Flower Child 1967 (Jan Rose Kashmir protesting against Vietnam War)

Personal Input

" Look into this picture. It set off certain emotions of the evil world around us in also the sense of hope. As you can see, this young boy holding a flower towards these soldiers with guns. It sends us a certain message of what kind of power do certain individuals hold. And we can tell that this boy is very brave of what he's just done. Within the image, we pick out certain details. Firstly the flower, the guns, the soldiers and the young lad holding that flower. This boy is held at gunpoint and it set off these emotions of fear, anger, multiple emotions that will overwhelm us as a viewer. 

But also how the photographer has managed to capture a moment in time that speaks thousands of words within just this photograph. We could easily say that this photograph wasn't planned. It just happened which make photography such a beautiful art."

Reagerding the pain of others

Photography has this great ability of showing emotion. Each photograph can always tell a story especially when it comes to shooting portraits or pictures of people and issues in the worlds. One photograph can say 1000s of words. But even if its telling you how much pain someone may be in the photo is can be used to help bring the viewing closer. An reflective on what may be happening in the photograph. 

Simplify the meaning of the title 

"It explores the relationship between the suffering of the person reflected in the image and the viewer."

Pulled Apart - Photo

The covid times hit us hard and highlighting the main workers of this crisis. Through this period of time it was hard to highlight like certain things going on due to the restrictions. Being a photographer in these time you need to stay out of the way. The way we were put in these rules of 2M apart we all felt isolated.

This image is showing the social side but at a distance it was hard to socialize with people and your work colleagues. It hard people hard cause it a moment of the life and death. To scared to catch covid but yet at some point we all caught it. 

From Performance to performativity

There is a debate on the idea of that life and people's identity is a full time performance. We don't really know who we are or why we are here. The way we deliver ourselves to others the way we act, speak and live life. E.g 

The idea of gender being a performance there's not a right or wrong behaviour that comes from people around us. Boys and girls aren't the same but at the same time there isn't a way to capture this. 

For example the photograph here doesn't show people but shows how the two genders of male and female mix in there own way. The blue for boys and pink of girls. Even though you can't see any people.It kinda shows this way that the 2 genders male and female comes together and work together.And there's not much of a divide unless you want to split it up in its own way.

Photography is used to divide people and bring us together in this modern world. When it comes to the way we act or so called perform this relates to our fashion, gender or nationality. Everything can change these ways we look into our life's. 


Orientalism and the other 

The ideas of the idea of people and the groups of country outside of `The Western World`. The idea and stereotypes that may come from race, ethnicity, gender and class. To understand the title of the topic we need to brake down the title. 

Orientalism and the other - non western 

When we wanna link this into photography itself. We have to sit in the western presentation of how we see the Asian and non western world. Historical or within modern day is spilt into parts of new ways of seeing or the ways of steotyping the people outside of the culture. 

Orientalist cliché of a dancer posing with musicians in Egypt


This Photograph was posed and staged in a studio. But depending on the views/opinion of the viewer they may see this a exotic ( a way of describing the people as weird or different) or they may see it has a culture and not think much about it. 

Art in the age of mechanical reproduction 

In photography, the age of mechanical reproduction is the technology that made it easier to reproduce and distribute images. This possibly the most important thing to happen within the photography world. This made it easier to sell and make photographs to be shared around. With this technology it made it possible to keep information and store records in the world. 

The ability to reproduce and correct different ways of viewing photography really made a massive impact on the world. This allowed the art world to kind of exploding debate if it was right to reproduce photographs in this way. Personally I think it's brilliant that the inventions in technology kind of football around being able to share information and be able to store records of images across the world. 

The order of things

The order of things is the way which images and photos are arranged to show elements within a photograph. Creating something unique and interesting to the photographs. 

One of the most important. Things to a photographer is being able to lay out guy images in a certain way. For example if I was to hold a expedition people may question how I lay out my images is very important for them to either relate to each other or tell a total different story. For example, the photo above this text is shown.The next petition and the images are placed somewhat.Symmetrical but yet differently. To each other, these different levels is different meanings.Even though you can't see the actual images you can tell that the photographs have been placed in this way to catch your eye out a little bit.

Photography and cinema

What's the difference?? 

Well Photography is a single image or a series of images layed that still makes one photograph. While cinema is a series of images put together in a movement to create a moving image. 

But yet cinema and linking up to photography can both have similarities. For example, You can take a photograph that has some sort of cinematic feeling to the image. 


The first thing you can always notice in Cinematic Photography is the ratio of the frame size normally/ 90% of the time it's a 9 : 16. Ratio to the frame. Also the colours of the shot are quite dull and low lighted here in this picture. Also your eyes are capture are the women at the window looking out. With shots like this you can always create a mini storyline that will fit into what's happening in the scene / shot. Looks like a motel of some sorted. The red light may like to some sort of danger.