Ture And False


You are required to research, develop, and produce a printed publication featuring multiple images and artefacts. You are not required to shoot an entirely new project but instead are encouraged to utilise material that you have made throughout your first year to create a new narrative of your choosing. How you interpret 'printed publication' is your decision and you may want to use some of the formats and methods that are introduced to you in this module. You must be ready to submit your work by the deadline, so it is important that you are able to actually produce your publication within the timescale. There are no limits with regards to the size and format of your publication.

What is a printed publication?

A printed publication is typically made on paper and its a physical in hand thing like a book or magazine. they are a way of sharing information, photographs and knowledge to a wider audience. 

The main purpose of a publication is to entertain, or share ideas to others. When it comes to photography there are so many ways to highlight the photographers work. the main way is by a look book or zine. But there are ways of thinking outside of the box.

For Example 

Vouge magazine is a publication that share information and photography within the world of fashion. Highlighting current fashion, celebrities and gossip. 

What Is Narrative Photography?

In the most simple form: Narrative photography is a project / photographs that tell a story.

Publications / Photography With A Narrative?

Jane Brown - FACES 

This publication tells a narrative this book/ look book focuses capturing and highlighting everyday people by showcase some of the world class portraits. The powerful thing about this book is that Jane captures every person in a moment of time, a glimpse into someone's life. Elements of fashion helps to convey the narrative and time of each portrait.  

Also the great thing within this book is jane examples how she captured each an every photo within this book. The small details for example 

Here when's it comes to the photograph of Elizabeth Lutyens. The way we can see more about the person within the photograph. 

"This was taken on a Saturday morning, under great pressure to make an article for Sunday. Elizabeth Lutyens had just flown in and I remember she pinned me down and talked and talked, smoking cigarette after cigarette. I was anxious to get away. "

Scott Schuman - The Sartorialist 

This book is about capturing fashion but the true meaning behind this book is to capture people and celebrities at there purist.  The great thing about this is it capturing emotion and the people within this world of fashion. That really highlights and shows the peoples culture and background.  

There is a level of identity and disconnection. 

KANYE WEST "During all the fashion weeks I am approached by many photographers, Scott is the only one who can ask me to cross the street for better light and I do it" 

The Newspaper 

Publication 001

What this publication needs to do? 

This project is perfect for me.It gives me the opportunity to highlight my work and photography skills. But also gives me the opportunity to experiment in trying to things. Looking back at my other projects.I have done free projects.That really do stand out in my eyes.

These are.....

  • Markets 
  • SeaSide Town 
  • Fashion Statement

The good thing about these projects that each of them highlights people within their identities also fashion. But the one that tells the strongest story is the one I chose to do. 

The Markets

The Markets has a great scene of community especially at night. It's a location where the young people like to hang out, have a drink and listen to music. I have made some of the best memories in those Markets. 

Also it one of the places which I have shot and photographed for around a year now. Of the people and the actual location the night feeling on this location holds a level of feeling safe from people and weather. 

What type of publication?? 

For this project I wanna make a newspaper styled look book this is because the markets has a culture, community and has a certain aesthetic. 

I know that a newspaper styled publication will be able to hold this strong storytelling and community. When you think of a local newspaper it's there to highlight the local people. This is the reason for me going down this route instead of the standarded zine or look book. This will allow this project to stand out that little more. 

Location - Photos So Far 

The location is markets Preston and anything that links to the markets itself. 

These are the photographs I have so far and plan to use in the publication but plans may change in the future. 

These images are already published on my Instagram.

The Size?? 

I have two options A4 or A5, but with this look book I want to be able to put a A3 poster inside of the pages within the book itself. 


After doing some public research using Instagram to select the size. They have chosen A5 this is more of a suitable size of the this look book. Easy to travel, and make massive amounts of the look book. 


For each and every zine/ look book I wanna include a poster of the book cover as a poster. A3 size a collage of people within the Market community. 

The Cover?? 

The cover is extremely important it's holds the view to actually pick up the zine and to take a look inside. For the cover I want to create a collage featuring the people from the markets in Preston. This way will allow me to convey the essence of the people and the market without revealing too much. It will be very eye catching to the audience for this type of publication.

I also plan to have a poster hidden within the pages of the zine adds an element of surprise and interactivity to the reader. It's gonna be a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This will make the reader's experience more exciting and more engaging. The cover will be the poster this will make the reader's experience more exciting and using the cover as the hidden poster is a gonna be a celever way to tie everything together.

Prototype One

Prototype Two 

The Final Cover

This is the chosen cover for the zine. This is because it highlights people that are OGs on the markets at night. 

The Layout - Page to Page

When it came creating my zine, I had a clear vision in mind. To make the reader's know they are going to see and get a feel of the markets at night. I wanted each and every page to captivate the viewer, encouraging them to pause. So I carefully placed the content, ensuring that each image was independent or not distracting. 

The Final Print 

Inside the book, there's a poster and a print. This gives readers something special to remember the book by. I have put it all together using Staples 'cause it's safe, quick, easy. In the zeem in the book. I don't wanna make it too complicated, as a zine is normally print quick, cheap and easy. The cover is made from a semi fick card as the cover. 

The zine holds this power in showcasing the vibrant young people and the community that gathers at the markets. It's all captured within the book itself. We made a deliberate choice to include music lyrics from the songs you'd hear blasting from the young people, who frequent the markets at night. It's a way to capture the energy, the spirit, and the atmosphere. The zine becomes a celebration of the culture and fashion trends. It's like a time capsule of the music, the people, and the sense of togetherness that fills the air. I taken every single image and the being part of this community of people has been adventure I plan to still shoot on the markets and developing the storyline of this place.

For the zine cover, it had to be eye-catching and super unique, like nothing else out there. When someone sees it, they can't help but be intrigued and want to open it up to see what's inside. And you're right, keeping the words minimal is perfect for a zine.

Have only 12 pages.